Following on from the earlier posts on Microsoft 365 Business, it’s now on the price list and there are some additional resources that will help get you up to speed. One of the documents I strongly encourage you to take a look at is the FAQ, which covers a variety of topics, but also explains some of the capabilities versus some of the restrictions. I’ve copied some of these here, as they explain some of the pieces you need to be aware of regarding the Intune and Azure Active Directory functionality that is included with the license.

Does Microsoft 365 Business include the full capabilities of Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft 365 Business includes a robust set of mobile app management capabilities powered by Microsoft’s MDM solution (Microsoft Intune). These are a subset of features, specifically chosen to meet the needs of SMBs and organized to be easily managed via a simplified administration experience. If a company requires the full capabilities of Intune, they can purchase a qualifying plan separately.

Does Azure Active Directory P1 come with Microsoft 365 Business?

No. Microsoft 365 Business is built on technology from across Microsoft and while it shares some features with Azure Active Directory, it is not a full version. The security and management policies created in Microsoft 365 Business rely on some Azure functionality but does not include all features (e.g. self-service features, conditional access features, and reporting). Customers may choose to purchase Azure Active Directory Premium as an add-on to Microsoft 365 Business.

Does Microsoft 365 Business allow customers to manage Macs?

The security and management capabilities of Microsoft 365 Business pertain to iOS, Android mobile and tablet devices, and Windows PCs.


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