I’ve previously written several posts covering some of the capabilities of Microsoft 365 Business, but recently during a round of training events I’ve seeing regular scenarios get presented where the required functionality may not be exposed through the admin center, or alternatively aren’t included as part of the license. In this series of posts, I’ll cover some of the ways you can either enhance some of the functionality that is included with Microsoft 365 Business, or alternatively, when you need to step up to a different mix of products to achieve the desired results.

The first set of posts will cover what’s included with Microsoft 365 Business, and how to maximise your investment. These posts will start by leveraging the Azure Active Directory and Intune capabilities that are provided, but then showing how some minor tweaks can deliver a range of different capabilities to users and their Windows devices. The important thing to understand with these scenarios is to make sure that you aren’t affecting any of the deployment choices you have already made, and instead providing some alternate paths that can be taken.

The second set of posts will change direction and instead focus on what happens when an existing Office 365 Business Premium or Microsoft 365 Business customer starts to require more of the management and identity capabilities that are only available through full Intune licenses and Azure Azure Active Directory Premium. It will then move on to what to expect if you want to extend this further with Enterprise Mobility + Security as a full suite offering, looking at both the E3 and E5 options. This series will also cover some of the benefits you receive when you move up to Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 subscriptions.

The final set of posts will be on covering some of the main differences as you step up from Office 365 Business Premium to Office 365 E3 subscriptions. This isn’t going to be a comprehensive set of features, but rather a set of selected features that have been entering these recent conversations I’ve been having with Microsoft partners around Australia.

If there are any particular topics you would like covered, let me know in the comments.