In late June I was approached to record some short technical overview videos on Microsoft 365 Business, and now that they are recorded and published, it’s time to review them, and provide some additional resources and any important updates since the content was created. The first video in the series focused on resources for Microsoft partners.

If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft 365 Business, or unfamiliar with some of the changes that were made with the April 2018 update, this video will give you an idea of what’s included, and how it builds upon the Office 365 Business Premium capabilities that some of you are already familiar with.

It then switches gears, and covers some of the specific resources that are available for Microsoft partners. The first of these is how to set up a demo environment using Microsoft’s demo provisioning environment. This is an important piece because currently Microsoft 365 Business isn’t included with the internal usage rights for Action Pack or competency partners. With the demo environment you get a fully functioning 90 day tenant, populated with users, documents and scenarios to help you get up to speed with the products that are included.

The second set of resources that are mentioned are the partner targeted ones on the Microsoft 365 Business for Partners site. This contains links to sales resources, partner resources, partner evidence, technical readiness and other related resources.

For now the main changes or updates to note with this video is the shift from signing in from to, and the recent announcement that Stream plan that is included has been upgraded. For details on what’s included with Microsoft 365 Business make sure you take a look at the service description.