This is by no means a comprehensive list of the sessions that covered security related topics at Inspire 2019, but instead are the ones that intersect with my day to day duties and focus areas. Each of the links should provide the on demand video and presentation for download.

Microsoft 365 compliance
Innovation in digital technology continues to accelerate, transforming the way we live and work. At the same time, policy makers across the world work to ensure that appropriate personal data oversight and safeguards are in place through compliance standards such as GDPR. Adhering to these standards is often complicated and onerous. Join this session to learn how Microsoft 365 is uniquely positioned to help your customers meet their compliance obligations with integrated tools that allow them to assess their risk, protect their data, and efficiently respond to data requests.

Secure SMB customers against cyberthreats with Microsoft 365 Business

Microsoft 365 Business is an integrated solution, bringing together the best-in-class productivity of Office 365 with advanced security and device management capabilities to help safeguard SMBs from cyber threats and data leaks.  In this session you will learn about product capabilities included in Microsoft 365 Business to help you accelerate customer acquisition and grow your profitability

Protect your customers by achieving Zero Trust with Azure Active Directory

Join this session and become equipped to help customers move from a traditional perimeter-focused security model to a Zero Trust strategy. Join us and learn how Azure Active Directory enables Zero Trust with secure authentication, conditional access, and comprehensive identity protection that will help your customer’s digital transformation.

Managing your customer’s security in the modern workplace

Learn how Microsoft Threat Protection can be the newest managed service business which helps secure your customer’s endpoints, Office 365, and your cloud app ecosystem with a seamless and integrated solution.

Expand your security management practice with Microsoft 365

End users are more susceptible to cyber-attacks than ever before, making it vital to secure corporate data on every endpoint. Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) offers new opportunities to create and expand your security management practice and is integrated natively within Microsoft 365. In this session, our product managers demonstrate how you can position device compliance, application management and threat protection to become a trusted endpoint security adviser for your customers.

Protect customers from cyber threats with Microsoft 365 Business

Bring your laptop because you will configure Conditional Access & Advanced Threat Protection policies in Microsoft 365 Business after a feature overview and real-world scenario briefing. Then you will dive in to see how these policies work. Finally, you will run some tests to ensure the protection is working as intended.

Unlocking partner profitability with Microsoft security and compliance solutions
Security and compliance is a primary business driver for Microsoft and partners are at the center of our strategy. In this session, learn about the investments Microsoft is making and new tools to drive partner success. Microsoft is leading a change that focuses on leveraging the power of the cloud to automate routine tasks, simplify complex solution landscapes and build an ecosystem of partners to help customers unlock these capabilities. By combining cloud and AI technologies to solve security and compliance challenges, organizations can digitally transform their businesses.

Accelerate your business with Azure networking security services

Azure networking is the key to unlocking consumption, but it also requires a lock – security. In this session learn about the opportunities to sell networking security services to your customers.

Become your customer’s trusted security advisor with Microsoft Threat Protection

Learn about the latest updates to Microsoft Threat Protection including Azure Sentinel, Threat and Vulnerability Management for endpoints, and Microsoft Threat Experts, and how to leverage the solution to secure your customers and grow your business.

Accelerating development of rich, integrated security solutions across Microsoft products

Microsoft makes it easier than ever for you to build apps and deliver services that enhance security operations and improve threat protection. Learn how to tap into Microsoft APIs, analytics, automation services, and open source communities to get started today. We cover the Microsoft Graph Security API, Azure Sentinel, and other services.

Security Proof of Concept: Microsoft Threat Protection lab (Part 1)

Join us for a hands-on lab to learn more about key Microsoft Threat Protection scenarios. This lab is part of the new Security Proof of Concept, so it’s a great opportunity for you to get ready to deliver this impactful experience and accelerate Microsoft 365 E5 sales!

Security Proof of Concept: Microsoft Threat Protection lab (Part 2)

Join us for a hands-on lab to learn more about key Microsoft Threat Protection scenarios. This lab is part of the new Security Proof of Concept, so it’s a great opportunity for you to get ready to deliver this impactful experience and accelerate Microsoft 365 E5 sales!

Grow your security revenue with a cloud native SIEM: Azure Sentinel

Forecasts predict the security information and event management (SIEM) market will be worth $6B by 2023. Learn how to get in on this growing business by attending this presentation on Azure Sentinel, the powerful new cloud-native SIEM tool.

Managed security services practice leveraging Azure Sentinel

In this session, Accenture Security and Microsoft showcase the managed security services practice built on Azure Sentinel and its value to our joint customers.