In the last post I covered some of the planning considerations you need to take into account when getting ready to deploy Edge into your environment, and in this post I’ll discuss some of the deployment considerations. Thankfully these are things that can be done easily with Intune via the Microsoft Endpoint Management admin center.

During the early days of the Edge preview, you could download Edge from the downloads page, but now you don’t need to go through the process of downloading and then uploading back into Intune for distribution. The Stable, Beta and Dev channels are also available directly through Intune, but if you want Canary you will need to go over to the Edge Insider Channel downloads.

Download Edge

What are the differences between the different preview channels? Beta gets a major update every six weeks, Dev is updated weekly, and Canary is update Daily. In larger organisations it makes sense to have a small percentage of users across the organisation piloting the Beta Channel, but in smaller organisations this becomes a bigger ask, and deploying the Stable and Beta channels to a non-technical user isn’t really a great option.

Microsoft Edge Insider Channels

Now let’s focus on getting Edge deployed via Intune. Start by going to Apps, All apps, Add. This will bring up the Select app type, where you will see Microsoft Edge listed. Depending on when you read this you may still see the (preview) text like the screenshot below, but no doubt that will disappear pretty soon. Don’t interpret this to mean that this is only for preview channels, the stable channel option is available as you’ll see shortly.

Following through the Add app interface you can see that there is a great deal prepopulated.

Add app: App information

Clicking Next takes us to App settings, where you can choose which Channel you want to deploy. The logo changes depending on which channel you choose.

Edge Channel selection

If you are using scopes with Role Based Access Control, select those next.

Scope tags

The final steps are to review the settings, and then hit Create if everything is correct.

Once this is done you will need to go assign Edge to users or devices, and whether to make them Assigned or Required.

Edge Overview Page

In the next post I’ll cover some of the important management settings that you should consider using.