I’ve had this course scheduled a few times recently, so I thought it would be worth putting this together for anyone else who has to do the exam at some point. While this is an exam aimed at developers, it’s also a good exam for IT Pros trying to get a better understanding of working with MS Graph and extending Teams, even if you aren’t all that proficient in writing code. If you work with Microsoft 365 but didn’t really have the traditional, at least for now, background of working with Office 365 or on-premises versions of the products, primarily SharePoint, this will also help to fill in some of those gaps and help with customization requests that come your way.

Implement Microsoft Identity (20-25%)

Build Apps with Microsoft Graph (15-20%)

  • Access User data from Microsoft Graph

  • Access Files with Microsoft Graph
    • get the list of files in the signed in users OneDrive for Business
    • download a file from the signed in users OneDrive for Business using file unique id
    • download a file from a SharePoint Online Site using the relative path to the file
    • get the list of files trending around the signed in user
    • upload a large file to OneDrive for Business
    • get a user object from an owner list in a group and retrieve that user’s files

Extend and Customize SharePoint (15-20%)

Extend Microsoft Teams (20-25%)

Extend Office (15-20%)