The exam description for MS-101 has just been refreshed again, and this time it’s really more of maintenance update rather than anything drastic. The structure of the objectives, especially in the Implement Modern Device Services section has had a bit of an overhaul, but the overall topic areas haven’t changed all that much once you map the old against the new. What’s worth covering though is where does this exam complement or compete with the new Security and Compliance exams.

The first thing to note here is that this exam is a mobility and security exam, so it’s going to be covering items related to MDM and Windows that the new exams don’t cover. However, once you move past this difference, there are many topics that overlap with the SC-x00 series exams, but that doesn’t mean that preparing for this exam will completely prepare you for those exams.

Some of those exams do have an Azure component, or in the case of the SC-200 Security Operations exam have a very heavy Azure focus due to Azure Defender and Azure Sentinel making up a large portion of the exam. There is similar overlap with this exam and MS-500, so it could be a good exam to take after this one if you were planning out what’s next.

Implement Modern Device Services (40-45%)

Plan device management

Manage device compliance

Plan for apps

Plan Windows 10 deployment

Enroll devices

Implement Microsoft 365 Security and Threat Management (20-25%)

Manage security reports and alerts

Plan and implement threat protection with Microsoft Defender

Plan Microsoft Cloud App Security

Manage Microsoft 365 Governance and Compliance (35-40%)

Plan for compliance requirements

Manage information governance

Implement Information protection

Plan and implement data loss prevention (DLP)

Manage search and investigation