MD-101 is scheduled to get minor update next month, the introduction of Microsoft Entra into the exam’s description. Back in May there were more considerable changes made, including the removal of user profiles, account management, VPNs, and certificates, which all moved over to MD-100. The sections and their score weight have also changed, so make sure you make any adjustments to your preparation to reflect these changes.

Deploy Windows client (25-30%)

Plan a Windows client deployment 

Plan and implement Windows client provisioning by using Windows Autopilot 

Plan and implement Windows client deployment by using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

Manage identity and access (10-15%)

Manage identity 

Plan and implement conditional access policies 

Manage compliance policies and configuration profiles (10-15%)

Implement device compliance policies 

Plan and implement device configuration profiles 

Manage, maintain, and protect devices (25-30%)

Manage device lifecycle 

Monitor devices 

Manage device updates 

Plan and implement endpoint protection 

Manage apps (10-15%)

Deploy and update applications 

Implement app protection and app configuration policies