MD-101 just got a minor update, but more importantly it’s been announced that this exam is retiring at the end of July. I’m currently working on the blog post for the exam that will replace it, MD-102: Endpoint Administrator, and that should be published within the next week. That means that this is most likely the last update I will be publishing for this exam guide, but much of what’s in here carries across to MD-102, and you’ll get my take on the new exam shortly.

Deploy Windows client (25-30%)

Plan a Windows client deployment 

Plan and implement Windows client provisioning by using Windows Autopilot 

Plan and implement Windows client deployment by using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

Manage identity and access (10-15%)

Manage identity 

Plan and implement conditional access policies 

Manage compliance policies and configuration profiles (10-15%)

Implement device compliance policies 

Plan and implement device configuration profiles 

Manage, maintain, and protect devices (25-30%)

Manage device lifecycle 

Monitor devices 

Manage device updates 

Plan and implement endpoint protection 

Manage apps (10-15%)

Deploy and update applications 

Implement app protection and app configuration policies