One of the things that Windows 10 Azure Active Directory join with Intune auto enrolment is that it has protected me from some of the changes that were taking place in the Windows Settings UI for Access Work Or School. With the Anniversary Update there were some changes that made it harder to figure out what was happening, especially around clarity in joining Azure AD versus just performing a device enrolment. With the current Insider preview builds, steps have been taken to address this, and you’ll see them in screenshots further in this post.

The auto enrolment capability is provided by Azure Active Directory Premium, and needs to be enabled in the Intune app settings in the Azure portal, so it’s not something a free Azure Active Directory tenant or Office 365 user would see unless they had licensed AAD Premium or EMS separately. Sure, it’s not hard to enrol a device manually, but it is easy enough to automate. That’s not the topic of today’s post though, I’ll focus on the UI changes in Windows Insider Preview 15019. In the screenshots below I have the Insiders build on the left, and 1607 on the right.

On the left under Related settings you can see Enroll only in device management making a welcome appearance, which helps to differentiate it from the Connect option above, which provides device registration by default.


On both builds, Connect provides the same screen. You can see here that this performs device registration, as you have to click in Alternate actions to for Join this device to Azure Active Directory.

On the left in the Insiders Preview, I’ve selected Enroll Only in Device Management, but I’ve left the Connect screen on the right.

As I mentioned above, some of the previous changes here have lead to confusion, and hopefully some of these changes make it easier to follow the required steps for end user driven enrollments.