Over on the recently updated What’s new in MDM enrollment and management page on MSDN new CSPs have been added for 1703. You can also check out the update listings for 1511 and 1607 while you are there, along with the change history.

What’s new in Windows 10, version 1703

Item Description
New nodes in Update CSP Added the following nodes to the Update CSP:

  • FailedUpdates/Failed Update Guid/RevisionNumber
  • InstalledUpdates/Installed Update Guid/RevisionNumber
  • PendingRebootUpdates/Pending Reboot Update Guid/RevisionNumber
CM_CellularEntries CSP To PurposeGroups setting, added the following values:

  • Purchase – 95522B2B-A6D1-4E40-960B-05E6D3F962AB
  • Administrative – 2FFD9261-C23C-4D27-8DCF-CDE4E14A3364
CellularSettings CSP

CM_CellularEntries CSP

EnterpriseAPN CSP

For these CSPs, support was added for Windows 10 Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions.
SecureAssessment CSP Added the following settings:

  • AllowTextSuggestions
  • PrintingCapability
  • ScreenCaptureCapability
Messaging CSP Added new CSP. This CSP is only supported in Windows 10 Mobile and Mobile Enteprise editions.
Policy CSP Added the following new policies:

  • DeliveryOptimization/DOAllowVPNPeerCaching
  • DeliveryOptimization/DOMinDiskSizeAllowedToPeer
  • DeliveryOptimization/DOMinFileSizeToCache
  • DeliveryOptimization/DOMinRAMAllowedToPeer
  • EnterpriseCloudPrint/CloudPrinterDiscoveryEndPoint
  • EnterpriseCloudPrint/CloudPrintOAuthAuthority
  • EnterpriseCloudPrint/CloudPrintOAuthClientId
  • EnterpriseCloudPrint/CloudPrintResourceId
  • EnterpriseCloudPrint/DiscoveryMaxPrinterLimit
  • EnterpriseCloudPrint/MopriaDiscoveryResourceId
  • Privacy/LetAppsGetDiagnosticInfo
  • Privacy/LetAppsGetDiagnosticInfo_ForceAllowTheseApps
  • Privacy/LetAppsGetDiagnosticInfo_ForceDenyTheseApps
  • Privacy/LetAppsGetDiagnosticInfo_UserInControlOfTheseApps
  • Privacy/LetAppsRunInBackground
  • Privacy/LetAppsRunInBackground_ForceAllowTheseApps
  • Privacy/LetAppsRunInBackground_ForceDenyTheseApps
  • Privacy/LetAppsRunInBackground_UserInControlOfTheseApps
DevDetail CSP Added the following setting: DeviceHardwareData.
CleanPC CSP Added new CSP.
DeveloperSetup CSP Added new CSP.