For those of you not actively monitoring your tenant administrator email accounts, it’s worth reading the content of a message that was just sent out to advise of some changes that are coming through as part of the migration process.


Intune Groups Migrating to Azure AD Groups

Dear Tenant Administrator,

Microsoft Intune is a Mobile device management, mobile application management, and PC management solution from Microsoft. Intune is the mobility solution in Enterprise Mobility & Security (EMS) or can be purchased as a standalone service.

Over the next few months, Intune is migrating all Intune groups over to Azure AD groups. What does this mean to you? As an Azure AD admin, you’ll start to see Intune groups in your Azure AD infrastructure. Please do not delete these groups; they’ll pop in there in preparation for migration, then will be populated by our migration engine.

We’re excited to bring Intune groups over to Azure AD groups as this will provide an improved experience for our Intune service admins. Migration will also allow Intune admins to use the new Intune on Azure experience currently in preview at

If you have any questions on the grouping and migrating experience, please look at the docs here: Alternatively, if you have any questions on migration, reach out to our grouping migration team or support.

Thank you, Microsoft Intune