Following on from yesterday’s post, I’ll continue with the app publishing story, but this time via the Azure Active Directory Application Proxy. The app proxy allows you to publish on-prem web apps, while leveraging the identity security benefits that Azure Active provides.

Figure 1: The initial steps for setting up the AAD App Proxy include choosing Enterprise Applications within Azure Active Directory, and then clicking Application Proxy

Figure 2: Next we need to choose Download Connector

Figure 3: From the server where we want to run the connector we run setup.

Figure 4: The only configuration we need to perform on the server is signing in to our Azure AD Global Admin account.

Figure 5: Switching back to the Azure Portal, choose Add an application, and then populate the Add your own on-premises application

Figure 6: Once the new app has been added, we can make some customisations, including enabling the app and choosing a logo, amongst others.

Figure 7: Next we should add a test user or group, and we do this via Add Assignment, Users and Groups, and Invite.

Figure 8: Signing in to we can see that internalapp is now published to Admin

Figure 9: Clicking on internalapp opens up a new tab, where you can see the URL and the successfully loaded web page from the internal server we published.