Following on from the last two posts, this time the focus is on Azure Active Directory Self Service Group Management capabilities.

Figure 1: The first step is enabling the Self Service Group Management settings in the Azure Portal, under Directory, Users and Groups – Group settings, General settings.

Figure 2: Signed in as Admin, I choose the option to Create Group.

Figure 3: Choose the appropriate details, this case I have selected the Group policy of The group requires owner approval and Group type of Security

Figure 4: The Marketing group now appears underneath Groups I own

Figure 5: Signed in as the user Cloud, they are only a member of four groups. Here I select Join group.

Figure 6: After finding the Marketing group, I can choose to Join Group

Figure 7. I need to provide a Business justification

Figure 8: I receive notice that the request has been sent.

Figure 9: Admin receives notification via email and via the notification icon that there is something that needs their attention

Figure 10: Notifications advises that the request needs to be approved

Figure 11: Just confirming that I want to Approve the request

Figure 12: Switching back to the user Cloud, we can see that the Marketing group is now listed.

Figure 13: We can now see the details of the Marketing group

Figure 14: Going back to Apps for the user Cloud, we can see the SaaS apps they have access to. We want to make members of the Marketing group able to use an additional Twitter account we have just added.

Figure 15: Back in the portal I can select the ausmarkos Twitter app

Figure 16: I assign the Marketing group to the ausmarkos Twitter app

Figure 17: Back in the myapps portal as Cloud user, I can see that ausmarkos Twitter has been added to the top of the Apps list