The MD-100 exam was just updated so it’s time to jump back in and see what’s changed, and discuss the implications of some of those changes. In terms of additions, there’s acknowledgement that Azure Active Directory and Active Directory experience is a requirement for many, and the inclusion of Windows Admin Center shows the shift away from from some of the existing management tools. All up though, this is mostly still a traditional Windows desktop exam, and those of you have done earlier Windows exams should know what to expect.

What if you haven’t done a Windows exam previously, where does that leave you? If you are someone who has spent time supporting and troubleshooting Windows devices, this should mostly be pretty straightforward for you, but it does assume that you have skills that you would normally acquire in a corporate or education environment, not just supporting consumer features.

The exam that I know this exam can be tougher for is those who need to do it in order to get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate certification for their employer, but have come into the world of modern management via managing and supporting other operating systems, such as MacOS, Android and iOS. MD-101 tends to be an easier exam if you fall into that category, but preparing for this exam will help to fill in some of your Windows knowledge gaps that should help you to better understand how Windows works.

Deploy Windows (15-20%)

Manage Devices and Data (25-30%)

Configure Storage and Connectivity (15-20%)

Maintain Windows (30-35%)