I just updated the MD-100 guide for the December 2021 update, which really didn’t need many changes at all, and MD-101 gets a few changes as well. These are fairly minor changes, as an earlier update this year was a fairly major and there were have been a couple of minor updates since then.

A common theme through some of the recent changes to this exam is making sure you are aware of how to perform certain tasks across the different management and deployment tools that are available. Examples of this are understanding Windows deployment across the Endpoint Manager Admin Center, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and Configuration Manager, and managing and deploying Microsoft 365 apps across the Office Deployment Tool, Intune, Endpoint Manager and Microsoft 365 Apps admin center. Make sure you are familiar with the different channels for the Microsoft 365 apps as well.

Deploy and Upgrade Operating Systems (25-30%)

Manage Policies and Profiles (20-25%)

Manage and Protect Devices (30-35%)

Manage Apps and Data (10-15%)