Last week I published the MD-100 guide for the May 2022 update, which had a bit of a makeover from the previous edition. MD-101 also got a makeover, a few of the notable changes including the removal of user profiles, account management, VPNs, and certificates, which all moved over to MD-100. The sections and their score weight have also changed, so make sure you make any adjustments to your preparation to reflect these changes.

Deploy Windows client (25-30%)

Plan a Windows client deployment 

Plan and implement Windows client provisioning by using Windows Autopilot 

Plan and implement Windows client deployment by using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)

Manage identity and access (10-15%)

Manage identity 

Plan and implement conditional access policies 

Manage compliance policies and configuration profiles (10-15%)

Implement device compliance policies 

Plan and implement device configuration profiles 

Manage, maintain, and protect devices (25-30%)

Manage device lifecycle 

Monitor devices 

Manage device updates 

Plan and implement endpoint protection 

Manage apps (10-15%)

Deploy and update applications 

Implement app protection and app configuration policies